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WebTrader Forex Brokers in South Africa

A WebTrader is an investment platform within the Web format. This platform has the advantage of having the ability to be used from anywhere, without having to put in anything on your computer and with an easy internet connection. Against this version of the trading platform is that the desktop platform, which needs a download to the pc . the 2 versions are very similar.


Access to the WebTrader is secure by entering a username and password provided by your online broker. Usually, the online server incorporates an SSL security certificate that creates all information transmitted encrypted over the network. This way, with the webtrader version, you’ll operate simply and safely.

The fundamental advantage of web investing platforms is flexibility. it’s possible to attach from any computer with an easy browser and an online connection, without having to download any sort of software or install anything on your computer. you’ll comfortably monitor your open positions and market developments from home, from your work, once you continue a visit , from your auxiliary computer, etc. you’ll even perform operations with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), if your online broker uses the Webtrader version of the investment platform used.

Among other things, operating via a Webtrader platform will allow you to:

Access your trading account and trade from any computer (as it doesn’t require installation).

Analyze the markets from anywhere, anytime.

Execute and control trading orders during a simple, secure and efficient way.

The trader can enjoy his trading experience without abandoning the most features of the investment platform.

After testing and analyzing many online brokers, you’ll find those that we consider the foremost recommended which offer WebTrader (web investment platform) within the table above.