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Best Forex Trading Apps in South Africa 2021

Forex trading apps help manage your trades. All the major Forex currency pairs in the Forex market are highly volatile, often active and also driven by market events due to the various economic news items reported in the trading week. The economic news can come up any time of the day, except on weekends. The strongest of these news items can greatly impact the Forex market.

Best Forex Trading Apps for PC, Android & iOS

Forex BrokersMinimum DepositAvg. Returns Rating Visit Site
xm  South Africa
R 70
FSA regulatedxm South Africa
deriv south Africa
R 100
FSCA regulated : Highly Recommended Forex trading Site South Africa!
R 3500
FSA regulatedLegacyFX
olymptrade South Africa
R 500
FSA South Africa
eightcap South Africa
R 1500
FSCA regulatedeightcap Trusted forex Broker in SA

As an active Forex trader in South Africa, you will need an easy access to market charts, quotes, news and your trading account everywhere you go so that you can monitor the volatility of the Forex market everywhere you go. Many brokers understand this, and this informed the development of Forex trading apps.

Forex trading apps in sa

Forex trading apps installation

The apps are built to be installed on mobile devices so that the South African trader can go everywhere with his trading account for easy monitoring and trading operation. Virtually all the Forex brokers around offer Forex trading apps so that their traders can easily monitor their trades everywhere they go. In some instances, you do not have to register with a Forex broker before you can access a Forex trading New Zealand  apps; you can download the trading app from app store and start using it without registering an account with any broker. Bear in mind that not all Forex trading apps allow you to use them without first registering with a Forex trading broker.

ios forex trading

Many of the Forex trading apps are available for free with free access to charting, price quote, and economic news. Nevertheless, some brokers may ask you to pay a token to access trading apps with more advanced features than the free one. However, find out if the app contains those advanced features before you part with your hard-earned money. Also, find out if the additional features will add any benefit to your trading experience before you pay for it.

Android forex trading

How to choose the right Forex trading app

Aside from Forex trading, some Forex trading apps also allow the end users to trade stock and metals. Before you download any trading app, first read reviews about them to find out what the current end users have to say about it. You should avoid any app with too many negative reviews.

ipad forex trading


Is the app easy to use? Is it versatile and can provide essential trading information that can help you to manage your trade successfully?  How responsive is the interface?  Also, find out the number of financial instruments provided by the trading app being offered by any of the forex brokers.