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Learning Automated Forex Trading

Automated Forex Trading is ideal for those amongst us who are busy or have other jobs. In theory, you can set up your PC, start the program, then let the software do the trading instead of you. This kind of software can be used by those new to Forex trading as well as the trading veterans out there. It comes in a vast array of different prices to suit different needs and budgets.

The Best Automated Forex providers in SA

Forex Brokers Minimum Deposit Support Rating Visit Site
plus500 south Africa
R 1800
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FSCA regulated : Highly Recommended Forex trading platform South Africa!
cm trading south Africa
R 4000
Claim $100 BONUS
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FSCA regulated : Highly Recommended Forex trading Site South Africa!
3 trade
R 1800
Claim $50 BONUS
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FSCA regulated : Best Forex Broker in South Africa!
Easymarkets South Africa
R 3500
Claim 40% Bonus
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FSCA regulated:Top Forex trading South Africa for Top Currency Trading
markets South Africa
R 8000
Claim $50 bonus
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FSCA regulated: One of the Best Forex Brokers in South Africa
24option South Africa
R 8000
Claim 50% bonus
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FSCA regulated :24option Top Forex trading platform and Binary Options
vintagefx South Africa
R 3500
Claim 50% bonus
Start Trading
FSCA regulated:vintagefx South Africa

Decided on software – how do you begin to learn how to use it?

Once you’ve decided on a software to try, most systems have trial accounts that you can create or a free demonstration period (and then, of course, incentives to buy it!). The marketing incentives sometimes provide additional tools to help with trading, so it may be worth your consideration. Of course, you should be aware that these programs are not infallible. Remember that automated software will not have a 100% guarantee on a certain number of trades that are successful.

Learning Opportunities for Automated Forex Trading

Probably the best method of learning how to use automated Forex trading systems is by watching live free webinars hosted by some of the brokers or software companies. Here, you will be able to see lots of practical tips and be given insights into the world of automated Forex trading. These are suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders who are wanting more depth.

Testing the Forex Trading Software

Some companies share video content of their program working actively in the market and purchasing then selling in currency pairs. If you can see these videos before you buy some software then even better!

Once you have your software you should test it out by running any tutorials of training functions. You should find that most of your questions are already answered. They may also have a support desk that you can contact if you have any difficult questions.

You should ensure that you check out how easy any help links are to navigate. You can sometimes have a free test of the automated trading robots too. It’s definitely best to learn as much as you can in environments that are free from risk, which is why demo accounts are such a good idea!

Automated Forex Trading in South Africa

There are many companies who offer software and training in Forex Trading in South Africa. A quick Google search brings up many useful links. So, are you ready to start learning the automated way yet?

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